Office of the Clerk

The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly has the power, duties and functions of a Deputy Minister managing and administering the Legislative Assembly as described in the Public Service Act and the Financial Administration Act.

The Office of the Clerk is responsible for the following:

Providing advice, research and support to the Speaker and Members on procedural matters such as rules, privileges, proceedings and usages of the Legislative Assembly

Preparing documents of the Assembly and ensuring proper preservation of the Assembly’s documents and records

Providing all administrative and support services to the Assembly during its sittings and ensuring that essential services, such as interpretation, are provided to the Assembly Chamber

Announcing the Assembly’s Orders of the Day and conducting its recorded votes during session

The Office of the Clerk includes four branches: Members and Precinct Services; Public Affairs and Communications; Procedures and Committees; and Senior Advisory.

Members and Precinct Services:

This branch ensures that all administrative, financial, and facility services are available for the effective operations of the Legislative Assembly. This includes financial management (ranging from expenses and allowances to budget preparation), and security. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible to the Speaker for security of the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the precinct; administration of the Page program; safekeeping of the Mace and the Chamber; and leading the Speaker’s Procession each sitting day.

Public Affairs and Communications:

Public Affairs and Communications is responsible for the management, development, implementation and maintenance of all internal and external communications as well as public affairs policies and initiatives. This includes providing communications support to Members and Senior Managers; Coordinating outreach programs such as the Legislature Public Tour program, the Speaker’s Mace Tour, Youth Parliament, and special events; managing Legislative Assembly broadcasting; coordinating translation and interpreting services in all 11 Official Languages; and managing media relations.

Procedures and Committees:

The Procedures and Committees branch of the Office of the Clerk maintains official records of the Assembly and provides procedural advise to the Speaker, Clerk, Committees and Members based on legislation and parliamentary practice. This branch also includes research services, which provides nonpartisan information services to Members, including information and reference services.

Senior Advisory:

The Senior Advisory team provides a wide range of administrative services, including logistics, coordination and writing services to the Board of Management, Caucus, and the Clerk. They process all documents for the Chamber. They also oversee the bookings of public spaces in the Legislature.