Statutory Officers NWT

Statutory Officers

The Legislative Assembly has a number of statutory officers who deal with various aspects of the business affecting the House and the Members.

These officers (listed below) can be contacted through the Clerk's office at (867) 767-9130 or toll-free at 1-800-661-0784. The fax number is (867) 920-4735.


Languages Commissioner 

The Languages Commissioner, appointed for a four-year term by the Legislative Assembly, is responsible for ensuring that the rights, status and privileges of each of the 11 official languages in the Northwest Territories are protected within government institutions.

For example, ensuring individuals have the right to use their Aboriginal language in dealings with government institutions, if the language of choice is the recognized Aboriginal language in that region. If that doesn't occur, the Languages Commissioner may launch an investigation, making recommendations to the government of what actions should be taken to ensure all rights are protected. The Languages Commissioner is also required to make an annual report to the Legislative Assembly. The Language Commissioner's job description is available here.

To find copies of annual reports, look on our Tabled Documents page or contact the Legislative Library. Contact the Languages Commissioner if you have any questions or concerns about languages.


Information and Privacy Commissioner

The commissioner reviews decisions of the government on public access to government records and offers comment on the implications for privacy protection of proposed legislative schemes or government programs. The NWT's Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act came into effect January 1, 1997. The commissioner is required to submit an annual report on the activities of his/her office to the Legislative Assembly. To find copies of annual reports, look on our Tabled Documents page or contact the Legislative Library. If you have questions or concerns about access to information or protection of privacy, contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner.


Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner (formerly called the Conflict of Interest Commissioner) is the independent officer of the Legislative Assembly who administers Part 3 of the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act. The Commissioner provides advice to Members and Ministers about avoiding conflicts between their public duties and their private interests, as well as meeting their obligations under the Code of Conduct that establishes standards for the conduct of Members. Members and Ministers must meet with the Commissioner at least once annually, and provide private disclosure statements of assets and liabilities for themselves, their spouses and their dependent children. From these, the Commissioner prepares public disclosure statements, which were previously available for public inspective on the Legislative Library and since 2020 can be found online. The Commissioner may receive and investigate complaints about a current or former Member or Minister being in conflict of interest or breaching the Code of Conduct. The Commissioner has some discretion to approve certain arrangements in the public interest which otherwise would be prohibited. The Commissioner prepares an annual report to the Legislative Assembly. The Commissioner's annual reports can be found on our Tabled Documents page.

The current Commissioner is David Phillip Jones, Q.C., who can be reached at 780 433 9000 or

Visit for more info.


Chief Electoral Officer

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) is appointed by the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories for a four-year term, following a recommendation to appoint by the Legislative Assembly. The CEO reports to the Legislative Assembly through the Speaker.

The CEO is responsible for administering territorial elections, by-elections, and plebiscites, in accordance with the Elections and Plebiscites Act. The CEO is the head of Elections NWT, a public agency which includes public servants, contract staff, and elections officers.

For questions or concerns about elections in the NWT, please contact the Chief Electoral Officer.


Equal Pay Commissioner

The commissioner is appointed for a four-year term by the Legislative Assembly.  They are responsible for ensuring that the right to equal pay for work of equal value in the Public Service Act is protected. That right applies to employees in the NWT public service, in the NWT Power Corporation and teachers. It requires their employers to pay all of their employees who perform work of equal value the same rate of pay, regardless of sex.

The commissioner receives and investigates complaints about the right to equal pay for work of equal value. They submit annual reports to the Legislative Assembly and you can find them on our Tabled Documents page or contact the Legislative Library. 

Acting Equal Pay Commissioner: Renée Caron




The Ombud is appointed for a five-year term by the Legislative Assembly. The role of the Ombud is to investigate complaints about the administrative fairness of government practices to promote fair, reasonable, and equitable government administration. The Ombudsperson Act provides the legislative framework for the Ombud to investigate, review investigation results and decide on appropriate courses of action. An investigation can be commenced based on a complaint made by a person, group of persons, or on the Ombud's own initiative.

Colette Langlois assumed the role of the first Ombud of the Northwest Territories on April 8, 2019. Ms. Langlois was raised in the NWT, and served nearly two decades with the Government of the Northwest Territories and Legislative Assembly.  She holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Toronto, as well as a Master of Science degree from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

The Ombud is required to make an annual report to the Legislative Assembly. The office of the Ombud is located in Hay River, NWT. 

For more information on the Ombud, please contact:

Phone: 1-844-686-6283 (874-6623 in Hay River)