Visual Identity Standards

Re-Branding the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly

Why we decided to re-brand

A public institution's visual identity helps shape the external perception of the organization and assists members of the public to identify and access the services provided by that organization. The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly is often thought of by the public as another 'department' within the Government of Northwest Territories; with the creation of new visual identifiers for the Legislative Assembly, this will clarify this distinction for the public. A formal visual identity program is essential in order to build brand-association in the minds of northerners.

Who should use these guidelines

These guidelines are for anyone who creates print or digital media for the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly. More specifically, they should be used by all Members of the Legislative Assembly, Committees, staff, and contractors.

All Members, staff, and contractors have a role to play in ensuring consistent brand application to help tell the story of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly.

Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Visual Identity Standards