Sessional Broadcasting Schedule

Live Broadcast

During Regular Sessions:

Monday - Thursday 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Friday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Bell and Shaw Rebroadcast 

Rebroadcasts on Bell and Shaw Satellite channels start  after the live feed concludes, and will repeat until the beginning of the next sitting day.


For Yellowknife and Fort Smith:

While in Session rebroadcasts on NWTel Community Television occur at:


Channel Listing

Direct-to-Home Satellite

Bell ExpressVu - 513

Shaw Direct: Classic Line-up - 181, 489

Playback Schedule





Rebroadcasting on Yellowknife and Fort Smith Community Television: 

Rebroadcasting on Yellowknife and Fort Smith Schedule 

Yellowknife - Channel  209 

Mon to Friday 8:00PM : 



Official Language Schedule

The Legislative Assembly Television Network has the flexibility to broadcast House proceedings in the official languages of the Northwest Territories on a regional basis. The language broadcast will change weekly during session in order to accomodate all northern and official languages.

The re-broadcast will play back 5 minutes after the live feed has concluded (two hours of live feed). The language feature will play back English and the second language, at two-hour intervals, during this time.