News Releases

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18th Legislative Assembly Sets Priorities Dec 17, 2015
Speaker-elect and Premier-elect of the Northwest Territories selected Dec 16, 2015
18th Legislative Assembly selects Executive Council Members Dec 16, 2015
Process for the Territorial Leadership Committee Confirmed Dec 15, 2015
18th Legislative Assembly Priority Setting Begins Dec 11, 2015
Frame Lake MLA Affirms Oaths and Proposes Changes Dec 08, 2015
Frame Lake MLA Affirms Oaths and Proposes Changes Dec 08, 2015
18th Legislative Assembly - Swearing-in Ceremony for MLAs Dec 07, 2015
Territorial Leadership Committee Process Dec 07, 2015
Members-elect of the 18th Legislative Assembly Nov 24, 2015
Ledge Talks: Consensus Government in Transition: The Next 100 Days Nov 19, 2015
Michael Nadli Suspended as Member of the Legislative Assembly Oct 15, 2015
Report of the Special Committee on Transition Matters Oct 07, 2015
EDI finds that amendments to the Forest Management Act should not proceed at this time Oct 05, 2015
First Recipients of the Order of the Northwest Territories Announced Sep 24, 2015
EDI pleased with recent announcement regarding hydraulic fracturing in the NWT Sep 18, 2015
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Did Not Override Elections NWT Directive Sep 04, 2015
Social Programs Committee Consultation Travel on New Mental Health Act Underway Aug 24, 2015
Deadline for nominations for the Order of the NWT is quickly approaching Aug 21, 2015
Legislative Assembly Announces Scholarship Recipients Jul 29, 2015
Standing Committee on Social Programs to Review New Mental Health Act Jun 15, 2015
EDI Tables its Preliminary Research on the Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Filing Regulations Jun 04, 2015
Auditor General of Canada, Michael Ferguson, to appear before Standing Committee on Government Operations for its Public Review of the Auditor General’s Report on Northwest Territories Corrections Services May 15, 2015
Youth Parliament 2015 May 01, 2015
The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure has responded to the Government’s ongoing public sessions on the proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Filing Regulations. Apr 27, 2015
Date of Territorial General Election Changed to November 23, 2015 Apr 01, 2015
Resignation of the Languages Commissioner Mar 13, 2015
Ledge Talks: The Knowledge Series Jan 30, 2015
Relocation of the Languages Commissioners’ Office and Human Rights Adjudication Panel Office Jan 28, 2015
Ledge Talks: The Knowledge Series Jan 12, 2015