Caucus Annual Planning Meeting to be held August 30-September 2

Caucus Annual Planning Meeting to be held August 30-September 2

Łutselk'e (Monday, August 29, 2022) - Caucus of the 19th Legislative Assembly will meet for three days in the Tu Nedhé-Wììlìdeh constituency.

Members of the Legislative Assembly and support staff will travel to Łutselkʼe, Northwest Territories and Frontier Lodge, the gateway to Thaidene Nëné National Park Reserve, to discuss broad strategic direction for the Legislative Assembly and matters of widespread importance to the Northwest Territories. Members will also participate in a community event in Łutselkʼe on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

“It has been two years since our last Caucus annual planning meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to spending three uninterrupted days with my fellow Members and getting down to business,” said Mrs. Frieda Martselos, Caucus Chair. “I am hopeful we can come out of this retreat with a shared vision for our last year in office. There is much that can be accomplished before the end of the 19th Assembly.” 

Items scheduled for discussion include:

  • The Legislative Calendar for the remainder of the 19th Legislative Assembly
  • An Overview of Cabinet Decision Making Processes
  • The Final Report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission
  • The Final Report of the Independent Commission to Review MLA Pay and Benefits
  • Draft Terms of Reference for Special Committee on Transition Matters
  • Draft amendments to the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act
  • Draft enhancements to the Integrity Complaint Process
  • Office of the Clerk Workplace Review Action Plan
  • Increased collaboration with Indigenous Governments and Organizations on the Review and Enactment of Land and Resource Legislation

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