The Commissioner will dissolve the 19th Legislative Assembly on Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Commissioner will dissolve the 19th Legislative Assembly on Sunday, October 15, 2023

YELLOWKNIFE (October 13, 2023) - The Commissioner will dissolve the 19th Legislative Assembly on Sunday, October 15, 2023. The writs for each electoral district will be issued on Monday, October 16, 2023. Northwest Territories residents will go to the polls on November 14, 2023.

What is Dissolution?

Dissolution marks the end of the Legislative Assembly, paving the way for the next general election. It brings an end to all business before the Legislative Assembly and its committees. The Assembly, by law, must dissolve no later than four years after the date for the return of the writs of election (approximately 14 days after the election).

What are the effects of Dissolution?

As soon as the Commissioner dissolves the Legislative Assembly, all business comes to a halt. Memberships of all standing, special and joint committees are dissolved. The Speaker, the Premier and Ministers continue in office to keep the government running until they are replaced by the new Legislative Assembly.  In the NWT’s consensus style government, the Speaker, Premier and Cabinet are selected by the Members of the Legislative Assembly during a territorial leadership meeting.

Conventions for Regular Members

When the Legislature is dissolved, Regular Members stop being Members. No election campaign activity is allowed in the Legislative Assembly Building or in government-leased or owned premises. Campaign activity includes producing campaign materials such as posters, pamphlets and letters, or meetings to discuss campaign activity. In the election campaign, a Member cannot use any written material, furniture and equipment purchased with public funds (including computers, laptops, copiers, cell phones/satellite phones, and business cards). All Members' websites and email addresses established or purchased with public funds will be disabled during the election period.

Conventions for Speaker, Premier and Ministers

During the election period between two Legislative Assemblies, Ministers, Deputy Premier, and Premier hold office until the beginning of the first day of sitting of the next Legislative Assembly, unless the appointment is revoked.


It is prohibited to charge any expenses related to an election campaign to the Legislative Assembly or the Government of the Northwest Territories. Examples of expenses include hospitality, materials and supplies, postage, travel, telephone and fax charges, email and Internet services, etc.

Duty travel

Duty travel Once the writ of election is issued, the Speaker shall travel on Legislative Assembly business as its representative only when necessary. During an election campaign, Ministers should travel to their constituencies on departmental budgets only when clearly on essential and urgent departmental business.


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