Member for Monfwi Appointed to Standing Committees

Member for Monfwi Appointed to Standing Committees

(YELLOWKNIFE) Wednesday, November 24, 2021 – The Member of the Legislative Assembly for Monfwi, Ms. Jane Weyallon Armstrong, was appointed today to three committees by way of motion in the House.

The Member was appointed to the Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight, the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment, and the Standing Committee on Social Development.

“I look forward to working in collaboration with my colleagues on the issues these Committees have been examining—particularly with Social Development reviewing housing in the Northwest Territories” said Jane Weyallon Armstrong. “Housing is a huge issue in my constituency, and I look forward to advocating for my constituents on the matter in this review. I am also passionate about exploring the topics of mental health and addictions as a member of these committees.”

The committee assignments are effective immediately.

The Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight is comprised of all regular Members and reviews issues which have government-wide implications, as well as coordinates sessional business planning.

The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment’s terms of reference include matters related to infrastructure, climate change, environment and economic development. Its priorities are increasing responsiveness of government policies to stimulate northern businesses, maximizing telecommunications related economic opportunities, and preventing environmental liabilities.

The Standing Committee on Social Development is mandated to consider matters related to health, social services, justice, and social determinants of life. This Committee has prioritized the issue of housing.

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