Newly Elected Members of the 20th Legislative Assembly

Newly Elected Members of the 20th Legislative Assembly

Yellowknife - November 15, 2023 – Polls closed at 8:00 pm Tuesday, November 14th, and votes were tallied to reveal the Members-elect of the 20th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly. Members-elect will be at the Legislature starting November 21st but will not be officially sworn in until November 24th

The Members-elect, by constituency, are as follows:

Dehcho – Sheryl Yakeleya

Frame Lake – Julian Morse

Great Slave – Kate Reid

Hay River North – RJ Simpson

Hay River South – Vince McKay

Inuvik Boot Lake – Denny Rodgers

Inuvik Twin Lakes – Lesa Semmeler

Kam Lake – Caitlin Cleveland

Mackenzie Delta – George Nerysoo

Monfwi – Jane Armstrong

Nahendeh – Shane Thompson

Nunakput – Lucy Kuptana

Range Lake – Kieron Testart

Sahtu – Daniel McNeely

Thebacha – Jay MacDonald

Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh – Richard Ejericon

Yellowknife Centre – Robert Hawkins

Yellowknife North – Shauna Morgan

Yellowknife South – Caroline Wawzonek


For information on results statistics visit the Elections NWT website at: and for further information on rules and procedures contact:

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