News April 19, 2013

Priorities and Planning Committee Accepts Chair's Resignation
(Yellowknife) Friday, April 19, 2013 –The 17th Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning, consisting of the eleven (11) Regular Members, has accepted the resignation of Committee Chairperson, Kevin Menicoche.
“The Members’ Conduct Guidelines call on all MLAs to serve the people of the North with integrity and honour. They also acknowledge human vulnerabilities and how Members should strive to act in ways which help to overcome the hardships which destroy life and hope, and the human frailties which fall upon us. Citizens should have faith or belief that their political leaders will act in a right, proper, or effective way. Two of our colleagues, the MLA for Nahendeh Kevin Menicoche, and the MLA for Mackenzie Delta Frederick Blake Jr., recently experienced a very painful and very public lack of judgment. As colleagues, we will support Mr. Menicoche and Mr. Blake in their journeys of personal healing,” says Range Lake MLA Daryl Dolynny, who is the Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning.
Mr. Dolynny adds, “These actions demonstrate that Members of the Committee view this situation in a very serious yet compassionate light and wish to take the steps necessary to preserve the true dignity of this institution and the people it represents. Committee Members recognize the position of trust we are in as elected representatives and highly value the public’s right to expect Committee accountability. We will stand by Mr. Menicoche and Mr. Blake in their efforts to address their personal issues but acknowledge that positive work on behalf of our constituents must continue.”
As Deputy Chair, Mr. Dolynny will act as the Chairperson on an interim basis until the Committee chooses a permanent replacement at the outset of the May/June sitting of the House.
For more information, please contact:
Daryl Dolynny, Deputy Chair
Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning
Legislative Assembly of the NWT
Phone: 867-669-2244