News July 10, 2014

Legislative Assembly Library Announces Ledge Talks: The Knowledge Series

(YELLOWKNIFE)  Thursday, July 10, 2014 – The Legislative Assembly Library is pleased to announce the launch of Ledge Talks: The Knowledge Series in the Great Hall of the Legislative Assembly. Permafrost scientist Steve Kokelj will make the opening presentation on July 16, 2014, at 3:30 p.m.

Modeled on the famous “TED Talks,” The Knowledge Series will showcase current ideas, science and issues relevant to the Northwest Territories and beyond.  Ledge Talks will serve as a forum for a wide variety of speakers and provide an opportunity for learning beyond one’s normal work and life surroundings. Ledge Talks will focus primarily on northern knowledge, from aboriginal rights to zoology (yes, a frozen 8,000-year-old steppe bison can tell us a lot.).

Lively and down-to-earth (pun intended), Steve Kokelj is the Legislative Assembly Library’s first-round draft choice for The Knowledge Series. He has documented significant changes in Arctic ecosystems due to its rapidly warming climate, focusing on the consequences of thawing permafrost – and what this unprecedented change means to all of us.

Kokelj has more than 60 scientific publications to his credit, and some of his findings have been featured on CBC Television and radio. Traditional knowledge has been an important part of his work. Kokelj is the permafrost scientist for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment’s Geoscience Office, and an adjunct professor at University of Victoria and Carleton University. 

A hallmark of Kokelj’s work is that it often has broad application, impact and use in other areas. Sharing such ideas is one of the most important goals of The Knowledge Series. Accordingly, Ledge Talks will be particularly relevant to GNWT employees, but will also be open to the public and media.

Links to two of Steve Kokelj’s publications and presentations:

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