News May 13, 2013

Standing Committee Cancels Week of Travel
(YELLOWKNIFE) Monday, May 13, 2013 - The committee comprises six members, and four (Mr. Blake, Mr. Bouchard, Mr. Bromley, and Mr. Nadli) were unable to attend the tour due to various health and other reasons. Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Menicoche were available to travel, but quorum for this committee is four members. 

The committee has three alternate members, all of whom were already fully booked with constituency meetings, conferences, and other travel. The committee decided not to travel without a quorum. This is an unfortunate but unavoidable situation, as people’s health and other circumstances are beyond our control.

“Health concerns are a personal matter,” says committee chair Mr. Robert Hawkins. “With that said, I would rather not speak to individual reasons why a member is unable to travel other than to say I view them as very valid considering the nature of the concerns that have been highlighted to me.”

The committee is accepting written submissions from members of the public until June 14, and still plans to travel the week of June 10-14. See the travel schedule at:

For more information, contact:

Robert Hawkins
Chair of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure
Legislative Assembly of the NWT
P: 867-669-2265