Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Visual Identity Standards

Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Visual Identity Standards
(YELLOWKNIFE) Thursday, September 26, 2019 – The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly has released new Visual Identity Standards for the Assembly and its Members. The Standards were created by Yellowknife company, North Creative, around a logo designed by northern artist, Joseph Ouellette.
The logo consists of four parts: the building, the sun, the land, and the water. The building, which opened in 1993, is a unique architectural structure and its many subtle features help tell the story of the territory and its history. The sun represents the midnight sun, another unique aspect of life in the Northwest Territories. The rings around and within the sun represent the presence of “sun dogs”, another special environmental feature. The land element illustrates the transition of the geography below and above the tree line, and is a key feature that has helped shape the people and cultures of the territory. The water is a powerful environmental symbol for the Northwest Territories, the water in the icon is used to represent the many rivers and lakes of the territory, as well as the Arctic Ocean.
The new Standards also incorporate the eleven Official Languages of the Northwest Territories. The logo text was translated into the 9 Indigenous languages, as well as French. The colour palette was selected by colours in and around the Legislative Assembly building and each colour name is northern themed.
With the release of these Standards, the Legislative Assembly is developing a storefront where visitors of the building will have the ability to purchase Legislative Assembly promotional items. The storefront will be available by the end of October 2019.
For more information, please contact:
Danielle Mager
Manager, Public Affairs and Communications
Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
P: 867-767-9130 ext. 12017