October 7, 2015

Report of the Special Committee on Transition Matters

YELLOWKNIFE  – The Special Committee on Transition Matters submitted their report, the Report of the Special Committee on Transition Matters to the Legislative Assembly today.

The Report of the Special Committee on Transition Matters is part of the enhanced approach being undertaken to ensure a smooth and efficient transition from the 17th Assembly to the 18th Assembly. The purpose of the Committee’s work is to improve the transition process by providing the best advice of this Assembly to the next. This is the first time in the Northwest Territories that a transition report of this kind has been produced.

Transition is the change that happens with a general election, when one Assembly ends and a new Assembly is sworn-in. The Report will ensure that members of the next Assembly are aware of the priorities and context of the previous Assembly.

“The Legislative Assembly gave us a mandate to provide the best advice of this Assembly following four years of leadership,” said Committee Chair, Norman Yakeleya. “The Committee has recommended new ways for the Legislative Assembly to set priorities in a public process, to develop and approve a government mandate, and to enhance overall accountability. We have also identified five priority areas that we think the 18th Assembly should consider as it sets its own priorities for the upcoming legislative term.”

The Report is available on the Legislative Assembly’s website for public access. It is the Committee’s hope that it will be used to help residents engage in discussions with candidates in the upcoming territorial election about issues of importance to the NWT.

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