Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment Retreat

Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment Retreat

(YELLOWKNIFE) Tuesday, May 15, 2018 – Members of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment met last week in Norman Wells to listen to local organizations and prioritize the Committee’s work for the remainder of the 18th Legislative Assembly.

Hosted by Sahtu MLA Daniel McNeely, members had the opportunity to meet with local Indigenous leaders from the Norman Wells Land Corporation and Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated, as well as representatives from local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, and Imperial Oil. Committee also toured the road to Canyon Creek currently under construction, and nearby quarry, and visited the new Sahtu Health Centre and Long Term Care facility.

“It is important for the Committee to visit smaller communities, especially those that are more isolated and not connected by road,” said Deputy Chair Daniel McNeely. “I am pleased that my colleagues experienced Norman Wells, and heard first-hand the impacts of the slowdown in the oil and gas sector, but also the benefits that much needed infrastructure bring to the Sahtu and the territory as a whole. I hope that this experience provides a new perspective on the realities faced by some NWT communities”

After hearing from local leaders, members strategized how to pursue the Committee’s mandate, which includes infrastructure, energy, climate change, economic development, and environmental management, while also advancing the mandate of the 18th Assembly. Members prioritized addressing procurement practices, considering options for developing a knowledge economy, diversifying the economy through tourism development, climate change, exploring options for improving the NWT’s resource revenue regime, the need for infrastructure across the territory, particularly in small communities, and considering the governance structures of crown corporations.

“As we approach the end of this Assembly, it is critical for us to assess what we have accomplished, but most importantly what we can still realistically do to advance both the Committee’s and the government’s mandates,” said Chair Cory Vanthuyne. “By refocusing our priorities, we hope to work more effectively for the benefit of our residents.”

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