Theme Days in the Legislative Assembly Winter Sitting

Theme Days in the Legislative Assembly Winter Sitting

(YELLOWKNIFE) Monday, November 22, 2021 -- The Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight will hold theme days on Wednesdays in the Legislative Assembly’s upcoming sitting.

The theme days will be as follows:

November 24, 2021: Small Communities
December 1, 2021: Access to Health Services and Supports

On each theme day, Members Statements and Oral Questions will revolve around the designated topics.

“The topics chosen for theme days are issues that we believe are important to highlight despite the other work that will be going on with reviewing the capital budget,” said Kevin O’Reilly, Chair of the Standing Committee on Accountability and Oversight. “Bringing concerns we have been hearing from our constituents to the House, as well as reporting on our own work and progress, will keep attention focused on improving the lives of our residents and generations to come.”

The Standing Committee of Accountability and Oversight is comprised of the eleven regular Members of the Legislative Assembly. The Committee’s role is to review issues which have government-wide implications, coordinate committee strategic planning efforts, and coordinate Sessional business scheduling.

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