Orders of the Day


  19TH ASSEMBLY                   DAY  150                 2ND SESSION


                                      YELLOWKNIFE, N.W.T.         

                               MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2023                                           



1. Prayer

2. Ministers’ Statements

3. Members’ Statements

4. Returns to Oral Questions                  Date of Question

OQ 1343-19(2) Impacts of                February 13, 2023
                         COVID-19 on
OQ 1404-19(2) Child Care                 February 28, 2023
                          Funding Supports
                          for Teen Parents
OQ 1411-19(2) Renewable Energy      March 1, 2023

5. Recognition of Visitors in the Gallery

6. Acknowledgements

7. Oral Questions

8. Written Questions

9. Returns to Written Questions

10. Replies to Commissioner's Address

11. Petitions

12. Reports of Committees on the Review of Bills

13. Reports of Standing and Special Committees

14. Tabling of Documents

15. Notices of Motion

16. Motions      

17. Notices of Motion for First Reading of Bills     

18. First Reading of Bills

19. Second Reading of Bills

Bill 64 An Act to Amend the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council
           Act, No. 3
Bill 76 An Act to Amend the Electoral Boundaries Commission Act

20. Consideration in Committee of the Whole of Bills and Other Matters

Bill 23 An Act to Amend the Public Utilities Act
Bill 29 Resource Royalty Information Disclosure Statute Amendment Act
Bill 60 An Act to Amend the Petroleum Products and Carbon Tax Act
Bill 61 An Act to Amend the Ombud Act
Bill 63 An Act to Amend the Official Languages Act
Bill 66 An Act to Amend the Property Assessment and Taxation Act
Bill 67 An Act to Amend the Fire Prevention Act
Bill 68 An Act to Amend the Child Day Care Act
Bill 73 An Act to Amend the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council
          Act, No. 4
CR 40-19(2) Standing Committee on Government Operations Report
                     on Bill 61: An Act to Amend the Ombud Act
CR 42-19(2) Standing Committee on Government Operations Report
                     on Bill 66: An Act to Amend the Property Assessment
                     and Taxation Act
CR 43-19(2) Standing Committee on Government Operations Report
                     on Bill 63: An Act to Amend the Official Languages Act
CR 44-19(2) Special Committee on Reconciliation and Indigenous 
                     Affairs Final Report: A Northwest Territories Approach
                     to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
                     Indigenous Peoples and Negotiating Agreements
CR 47-19(2) Report on Homelessness Prevention: Supporting Pathways
                      to Housing NWT Residents
MS 264-19(2) Response to the Chief Coroner's Report on Suicide
TD 681-19(2) Government of the Northwest Territories Response to
                      Committee Report 26-19(2): Report on the Child and Family
                      Services Act - Lifting Children, Youth and Families: An All of
                      Territory Approach to Keeping Families Together
TD 694-19(2) Northwest Territories Coroner Service 2021-2022 Early 
                       Release of Suicide Data
TD 813-19(2) 2023-2024 Main Estimates
TD 881-19(2) Supplementary Estimates (Infrastructure Expenditures),
                       No. 3, 2022-2023
TD 882-19(2) Supplementary Estimates (Operations Expenditures),
                       No. 2, 2022-2023
TD 883-19(2) Supplementary Estimates (Infrastructure Expenditures),
                       No. 1, 2023-2024

21. Report of Committee of the Whole

22. Third Reading of Bills

23. Orders of the Day


Status of Returns to Written Questions | Member | Ministry | Due Date

60-19(2) Physician Recruitment | Simpson (HRS) | HSS |  March 23
61-19(2) Government of the Northwest | Cleveland | Finance | March 28
              Territories Sole Source
               Contracting under
              Procurement Criteria 1.8.2 (a)
62-19(2) Sole Source Contracting for | Cleveland |  HSS   |   March 28
                  Northwest Territories Health
                  and Social Services Authority
                  under Procurement     
                  Criteria 1.8.2 (a)
63-19(2) Use of Indigenous Fonts on |  Cleveland   |    HSS   |   March 28
                  Official Documents
64-19(2) Housing NWT Funding        |   Cleveland  |  Housing  | March 30
               Formula for Local Housing

Bills Before Standing Committee                                  Reporting Date

Bill 65 Builders' Lien Act                                              June 26, 2023
Bill 72 Opioid Damages and Health Care                    July 5, 2023
           Costs Recovery Act
Bill 74: Forest Act                                                      July 7, 2023
Bill 75: Council of Women and Gender                        July 7, 2023
            Diversity Act                                                            

Bills Ready for Assent

Bill 56  An Act to Amend the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation
Bill 57 Miscellaneous Statute Law Amendment Act, 2022
Bill 62 An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act, No. 2

Departmental Order for TD 813-19(2): 2023-2024 Main Estimates

*Housing Northwest Territories

*Industy, Tourism and Investment

*Executive and Indigenous Affairs

*Municipal and Community Affairs


* Infrastructure


*Education, Culture and Employment

*Health and Social Services

*Environment and Climate Change

*Legislative Assembly

--> = under consideration

* = deferred

✔ = concluded