Members' Accountability

Code of Conduct for Members of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly

Part 1: Statement of Commitment

  1. As Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, we acknowledge that we have accepted a responsibility to serve the people of the Northwest Territories. We seek wisdom, strength, courage, honesty and compassion from the people of the North, both from those who have built our past and from those who are shaping their future. As legislators elected to govern the Northwest Territories, we will do our utmost to:
  • Hear the voices of all that live in the Northwest Territories;
  • Preserve Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, languages and the traditions of the various cultures and bridge them with new ways to build a better future for people in the Northwest Territories;
  • Provide legislation, policies and services for the good of the people as individuals, families and communities;
  • Promote the equality and equity of all people of the Northwest Territories;
  • Distribute resources fairly and justly; and
  • Respect and honour our land and all its inhabitants.

Part 2: Principles

  1. ​Members must act lawfully and in a manner that will withstand the closest public scrutiny, upholding the integrity and honour of the Legislative Assembly and its Members. Members shall ensure the conduct does not bring their integrity of their office or of the Legislative Assembly into disrepute.
  2. Members must treat members of the public, one another and staff appropriately and without harassment. Members must take all reasonable steps to ensure their work environment is free from harassment.
  3. Members must carry out their official duties objectively and without consideration of personal or financial interests, and must arrange their personal affairs so as to maintain the trust and confidence of the public.
  4. In performing their official duties, Members must use public resources prudently and only for the purposes for which they are intended. Members of the Assembly shall not use, or allow the use of, public property or services for personal gain.
  5. Members must give priority to their duties as a Member over all other duties and offices they hold and must dedicate themselves to fulfiling their duty to effectively represent residents of the Northwest Territories.
  6. Members must take appropriate steps to protect the confidentiality of any personal information, personal health information, or other confidential information that comes into their possession.
  7. This Code is not designed to be exhaustive, and there will be occasions on which Members will find it necessary to adopt more stringent standards of conduct in order to protect the public interest and to enhance public confidence and trust.

Part 3: Effect of the Code of Conduct

  1. This Code of Conduct has a continuing effect except as amended or rescinded by resolution of the Legislative Assembly.