February 15, 2016

MLAs prioritize balanced approach to Government fiscal strategy

YELLOWKNIFE  – The Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning of the 18th Legislative Assembly is working to ensure that the Government’s economic plan balances new revenue generation, program efficiencies and cost-saving measures.

While the Committee supports fiscally responsible government spending, Members are concerned that implementing austerity measures will be detrimental to our economy and undermine many of the priorities of the 18th Assembly.

“Any decision to cut programs and services must be made to strengthen our economy, and not for the sake of balancing the government’s books,” said Tom Beaulieu, Committee Chair. “We owe it to the people and communities of the NWT to be diligent and make decisions that are well thought out and where all options are kept on the table.”

The Committee is proposing fiscal planning priorities that will:

·         Ensure effective public engagement on government budgets before they are introduced in the Legislative Assembly;

·         Review government spending and programs to ensure consistency with the priorities of the 18th Assembly;

·         Create new sources of government revenue that minimize impacts on the high cost of living in the NWT;

·         Invest immediately in our economy and communities through targeted infrastructure projects and economic incentive programs; and

·         Find cost-saving efficiencies within the government and public service.

“The decisions our new government makes regarding the fiscal strategy of the 18th Assembly will be some of the most important of the next four years, with far-reaching implications on the people and economic well-being of the NWT. At this critical juncture in the NWT’s history, decisions must be carefully considered.” said Mr. Beaulieu. "The Committee will engage with Cabinet in the coming weeks to ensure a balanced approach to addressing our fiscal challenges."


For more information, please contact:

Tom Beaulieu
Chair, Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning
Legislative Assembly of the NWT
E-mail: Tom_Beaulieu@gov.nt.ca
Phone: (867) 767-9143