Order of The Northwest Territories

The Order of the Northwest Territories, established in 2013 by the Territorial Emblems and Honours Act recognizing individuals who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavour benefiting the people of the NWT or elsewhere. It is the highest honour awarded to NWT residents.

Canadian citizens who are current or former residents of NWT are eligible to receive the Order and can be nominated by an individual or organization. A maximum of ten people may receive the order in the first two years and up to three per year in subsequent years. For more information, please review the Territorial Emblems and Honours Act.


The NWT Honours Advisory Council is a non-partisan committee appointed by the Legislative Assembly to review nominations to the Order of the Northwest Territories and review appropriation to the Chancellor. The members of the Honours Advisory Council hold office at pleasure for a term not exceeding three years.

Current Advisory Council members:

  • Danny Gaudet, Chair
  • Sabrina Broadhead
  • Ann Peters